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LANGuardian v14.2 – 6th February 2017

The 14.2 release includes significant enhancements to LANGuardian.

Improved acquisition performance

Significant increase in event data acquisition and reporting

DNS lookups recording

System can record all DNS queries. Identifies all DNS servers that are queried, the clients that use them, the domains queried and the resolved IP addresses.

Improved email and alerts configuration

Reimplemented the entire email distribution list mechanism

Enhanced help assistance

A Help dropdown menu has now been added with:

  • Documentation
  • Report an issue
  • Send feedback
  • About

Improved dashboard alert messaging

Ability to remove dashboard alerts in bulk

Dashboard and search display improvements

Implemented new search functionality and enhanced dashboard usability

LANGuardian 14.2 fixed several issues and software bugs from previous release 14.1.3.