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NetFort GDPR Compliance Partner Program

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NetFort is a global technology company that is trusted by some of the world’s most prominent organisations to provide network and user activity monitoring, troubleshooting and security services.

We process over 200GB of network security data for our customers per second.


The NetFort GDPR Partner Program is designed to help our partners create and close new sales opportunities. 

NetFort partners gain access to resources that will drive both license and service business revenues, create new sales opportunities and help close GDPR compliance deals faster.

Our comprehensive partner program provides the tools needed to become a trusted advisor to their customers and gain a long-term competitive advantage in the GDPR compliance marketplace.

What will the NetFort partner program bring you?

If you are seeking to bring new GDPR compliance services to market and if your customers are searching for a robust response to GDPR Articles 22, 23, 24, 32, 33 then NetFort is an ideal partner for your business.

NetFort LANGuardian does not require any systems integration, you can begin to offer world leading passive privacy monitoring services on a white label basis to your GDPR compliance customers immediately.

NetFort LANGuardian is a network user and device activity monitoring tool that will enable your business to provide unique network monitoring services and visibility to your customers on a long term basis. LANGuardian customers remain extremely loyal to the network monitoring service once installed. Less than 5% of our customers have decided to stop using LANGuardian once they begin.

We have very good sales incentives available to our existing and future partners. A large percentage of each sale goes to the partner. No hardware inventory needed at the partner site.

What will your customers get?

Peace of mind when it comes to GDPR compliance for the following articles 22, 23, 24, 32, 33 of the new EU regulation.

In event of a data breach, NetFort LANGuardian will allow your customers to provide highly accurate historic reporting that will clearly illustrate the exact sequence of events that led to the data breach.

NetFort LANGuardian provides dashboard management reports that can be easily shared with internal and external stakeholders to demonstrate ongoing compliance to GDPR articles 22, 23, 24, 32 and 33.

Continuous network activity monitoring and alerts in the events of compliance exceptions.

A series of real time dashboards and historical reports that can be shown to auditors to demonstrate continuous visibility and a proactive approach to compliance regulations such as GDPR.

Get our Partner GDPR Compliance Case Study

NetFort is a global technology company that is trusted by some of the world’s most prominent organisations to provide network activity monitoring, troubleshooting and security services.

NetFort monitors hundreds of IT networks, running tens of thousands of applications. We process over 200 Gigabytes of network security data for our customers every second.

We are currently seeking new partners in response to the new GDPR regulation.

Download our case study to find out how we can help you and your clients achieve GDPR compliance.


Draware is a long established IT services company based in Denmark. Our three business focuses are (Network) Monitoring, IT security, and ServiceDesk.

In 2017 we began an extensive search for a technology partner to help us provide market-leading passive network monitoring services for our GDPR customers.

After careful analysis of the technology providers in the market, we decided to partner with NetFort for our GDPR compliance service.

When it comes to traceability, reporting and incident alerts for GDPR compliance, Netfort is ahead of the game. They are also a flexible partner that listens carefully to the needs of our business and the needs of our customers. We would strongly recommend working with NetFort for GDPR compliance.

Christian Schmidt
CEO, Draware.

It is commonly understood that trying to solve the GDPR compliance problem is like trying to solve a complex jigsaw puzzle.

There is no less than 99 different articles in the new EU data privacy regulation. The GDPR regulation touches on many aspects from data protection, data security, data storage, data processing, data transfer and more.

The reality is that there is no technology vendor in the market today that has all of the answers to help their customers to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis. The answer to GDPR compliance resides in a combination of tools, technologies, platforms and processes working in harmony together to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

NetFort’s flagship product, LANGuardian, is unique in the marketplace thanks to its powerful deep-packet inspection technology that can be downloaded and deployed on standard physical or virtual hardware to provide comprehensive network visibility within minutes.

Reasonable data protection measures have to be implemented by companies to prevent personal data leakage. (GDPR Articles 22 and 30).

LANGuardian keeps an historical record of every file-sharing and data movement on the LAN and WAN, and provides real-time view of such movements.

The security features detect and alert on suspicious activity (including ransomware attacks), lateral movement and insider threats.

Companies need to perform Data Protection Impact Assessments, to understand the risk of a data breach. You then need to know what data is where. (GDPR Articles 33 and 33a).

LANGuardian monitors data ‘access patterns’ and continuously reports on inventory, servers, who is accessing the network and what they are doing.

LANGuardian captures and analyses the traffic trails that devices leave when they access the network, ensuring you always have an up-to-date picture of data movement on the network, with very low implementation costs.

Specific rules exist for data breach notifications, and companies need to be able to report on specific details of any breach. Data breaches need to be reported within specific timeframes. GDPR Articles 32 and 33).

LANGuardian records all network device and user activity in its database. Metadata is generated on all activity from network traffic, and LANGuardian generates alerts and stores this metadata.

This data is searchable by IP address, user name, file name or domain. This historical database feature makes LANGuardian the perfect solution for GDPR incident response and network forensics requirements.

Whether you need to deal with an incident or respond to a data request, LANGuardian is the single reference point.

Recording activity, events for audits, forensics and investigations. This includes long term retention, easy access and search. (GDPR Article 24).

LANGuardian keeps a historical record of all network activity, both user and device. Features include network traffic analysis and an application recognition engine able to recognise over 1000 applications.

This engine can also be customised to recognise your own proprietary applications.


Established in 2002, NetFort provides network traffic and security monitoring software for virtual and physical networks.

NetFort customers include businesses throughout the UK, USA and EMEA, ranging from SMEs through to large enterprises with multiple locations. LANGuardian is used in a wide range of industry sectors including financial services, high technology, utilities, local and national government, automotive, healthcare, sport, and education.

LANGuardian customers includes US Navy, Honda, Washington Gas, ANZ Bank and The UK Department of Transport.

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