NetFort Advertising

Network Security And Performance Monitoring Solution

  • Find out where you have issues on your network

  • Download and deploy on standard hardware,VMware or Hyperv

  • Track and report on all network activity and security events by IP, MAC address or user name

  • Retains rich metadata for months in the built in database, ideal for forensics

  • Drill down instantly to access rich network metadata and detail to understand exactly what is happening, correlate network activity with security events, eliminate any guesswork and make an informed decision

NetFort LANGuardian combines Network Intrusion Detection with Network Security Monitoring resulting in a practical cost effective solution to detect, escalate and remediate network intrusions and performance issues.

The built in Snort based IDS is just one component of a tightly integrated suite of network traffic analysis based applications that ensure total visibility into all network and user activity across your network.

Customer Use Case - Detecting The Source or Ransomware