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LANGuardian v14.1 – 3rd August 2016

New Features:

Backup and Archiving

The new GUI page allows the User to choose a backup server and test the connection. The system will then archive data one day at a time and save the archives to this server. Otherwise, archives are saved on the system and the user will be notified once this action has taken place.

(v14.1 can’t configure local backups for new systems. However, any existing systems that were configured previously will continue to backup)

Periodic Backup  

This can be set to schedule an automatic backup

However, should the backup server become unavailable at any point; archives will remain on the local disk until it comes back online. These archives are subject to removal at any time should disk availability demand so.

Backup Settings

SSL Inventory  

SSL inventory enables LANGuardian to do several useful checks against SSL server configurations. LANGuardian can detect the following:

  • Expired certificates
  • Certificates which are about to expire
  • Certificates with weak signature algorithms (MD5/SHA1)
SSL Inventory


LANGuardian 14.1 has significantly improved performance of data acquisition and reporting. Temporary tables have been removed and the response rate of several reports have been increased.


Bug Fixes

There were several bug fixes in this release including:

721 – Unable to install LANGuardian without Internet access

804 – Non-ASCII characters are not rendered properly in reports

774 – Drilldown from user reports is missing link to event info

718 – /tmp size issue when uploading large files

839 – There are no traffic rates on NetFlow sensors in v14

836 – DNS resolution in AD module doesn’t work consistenly

845 – Pie chart crashes periodically

Known Issues

There are no known issues of LANGuardian 14.1 at this time.