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LANGuardian Customer Feedback – Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services

New LANGuardian Customer

Straight talking customer feedback

More interesting feedback on our LANGuardian product from a new customer, Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services.

Founded by St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo, St Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) was one of the first organizations in Egypt dedicated to improving the quality of life of refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants. Today they serve more than 3,000 students and clients annually in their education, psycho-social, and legal aid programs. They have recently deployed the LANGuardian on their network and gave us some feedback, reproduced below with no modifications.

LANGuardian Product Feedback

Q. How did you hear about NetFort Technologies /LANGuardian?

I stumbled upon LANGuardian after an extensive nine days research.  While I was going through video tutorials and endless boring articles, I watched a LANGuardian preview. I was satisfied and it didn’t disappoint me when I started trying it on my virtual lab.

Q. What issue/requirement has the LANGuardian addressed for you?

The biggest issue I had to deal with was network bandwidth monitoring. We had lots of employees torrenting and surfing online streaming websites. LANGuardian has helped me with producing reports to my supervisors. It didn’t just show me how much data they have used, it also showed me what websites have they used, for how long and at what time.

Q. What is you view of the LANGuardian evaluation process?

It is awesome! I was contacted by a LANGuardian employee during the trial period that was eagerly willing to help. LANGuardian sure does know how to follow up with their clients and how to treat them right.

Q. Did you evaluate any other products as part of the evaluation process if so can you share this information with NetFort?.

I actually haven’t yet.

Q. Has the LANGuardian replaced any other product?

Yes, it has. I struggled finding a decent monitoring program. I used Wireshark, CCproxy,  Nethogs and many other programs, but they weren’t as efficient as LANGuardian.

Q. How would you describe the LANGuardian?

LANGuardian is IT Managers oxygen! The program simply helps with everything you need in a network, no matter how big or small. It is a troubleshooting genius, a network monitoring expert and a reports guru.

Ashraf, IT Officer
Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS)

NetFort are delighted to be able to support an organization such as StARS. It is fantastic and very satisfying that our LANGuardian has made a difference and made daily life that bit little easier for them. I’m sure the Internet is a really valuable and relatively expensive resource  and being able to easily monitor daily usage is absolutely critical to ensure availability and performance.

From the feedback ‘We had lots of employees torrenting and surfing online streaming websites’ network bandwidth monitoring is currently an issue for organizations of many types and sizes all over the world. Ashraf needed visibility, to be able to easily see who was taking up all the bandwidth and have the right level of detail to eliminate guesswork and really understand what they were doing. He was looking for and now has Actionable intelligence.

John Brosnan
NetFort CEO