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LANGuardian Customer Feedback – Hogan Technology

7 October 2015 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
Hogan Technology

NetFort Customer Feedback

Hogan Technology dedicate themselves to the professional installation of communications systems. Today, as a leading technology support group, Hogan Technology offers your business value-added benefits few can match, including a highly trained team of certified installation and support professionals.

Evvan Mercure is a project manager with Hogan Technology and recently used LANGuardian to troubleshoot network issues at a client site. The following text describes his experiences in his own words.

“I found LANGuardian on an Internet search, while looking for a tool that would analyze PCAP files that I had collected from a customer’s network that was struggling with VOIP quality issues and massive bandwidth utilization. While I read and understand PCAP files fairly well, when it came time to analyze the date and determine who my top talkers are I was at a loss.

I installed the LANGuardian VMWare template file on our VMWare server, and after a few quick minutes to setup the server, I was able to import my PCAP files and utilize the tools within the LANGuardian package to identify many points of failure on the network.

The LANGuardian software quickly pointed out several computers that were flooding the network with data and a network switch that was faulty. Our customer mitigated those problems and has had great VOIP quality and lower total bandwidth utilization on their LAN and WAN.”