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Release notes 14.4

NetFort are delighted to announce the availability of the latest major LANGuardian release, V14.4. It includes a number of major enhancements including GeoIP traffic reporting, improvements to the alerting engine and the ability to capture network traffic and generate a PCAP via any LANGuardian sensor on the network.

New GeoIP filtering and displays, enables you to report and alert on the countries where traffic and data on your network comes from and goes to. Use this for improving your network security or to meet data export compliance regulations, such as GDPR.

New MetaData alerting GUI and rules support, to alert on a wide range of conditions and events that LANGuardian monitors for, such as authorized applications, unknown DNS servers, inter-subnet access attempts and much more. Use this to implement network usage policy alerting for security and compliance. This is a upgrade on the previous version and further enhancements are planned in the next LANGuardian version.

New user credentials from SMB sessions. Identify sharing of credentials to comply with Identity and Access Management (IAM) for GDPR.

New Windows Services (DCERPC) decoder. Analyse what Microsoft traffic on port 445 and 139 is doing and passively build an accurate inventory of Windows systems and versions.

New full packet capture mechanism to save PCAPs from any LANGuardian sensor on your network from a centralized GUI. Leverage your LANGuardian installation to get complete coverage for troubleshooting or forensics.

Improved accuracy of Google QUIC fingerprinting so you can identify, for example, YouTube traffic in Chrome. Understand how your bandwidth and network resources are being used.

New PDF format option for scheduled reports. Keep up to date with network status and performance from your inbox.