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Release notes 14.3 – 26th July 2017

LANGuardian version 14.3 is a significant release with in excess of 300 individual updates and modifications.

It is mostly under the covers work that users will benefit from, but there are some visible changes too.

Improved Performance of Data Acquisition and Reporting
LANGuardian has been rebased to CentOS 7, offering better peripheral support, improved performance and an up to date, more secure platform. NetFort applications including traffic analysis, traffic database, and reporting have had significant modifications to boost performance too. Traffic acquisition is now possible at full 10G rates, consult for configuration details.

We’ve added a GEO IP database to LANGuardian, with information presented via a country flag displayed with IP addresses.
This helps administrators to know the origin and destination of traffic and data flows in and out of the network. If this is useful, we’ll extend this in subsequent releases with query by country/region, let us know.

Improved Active Directory Integration
Active Directory integration for monitoring User Activity has enjoyed a refresh.
Changes include a more efficient and secure interrogation of Domain Controllers, with better informational and error messages to aid configuration. Some reconfiguration of your LANGuardian is required to benefit from this. Details on NetFort Forum or contact

Enhanced GUI and Usability
Continued improvements to the GUI in this release include new notification messages, new scrolling, new layouts in the Configuration and Settings menus, improved mobile version and new tool tips.

Improved Reporting and Alerting
GUI reporting has been improved with updated drill downs, improved PDF export (especially for ‘wide’ reports), updated MAC Vendor database, new filters for SSL inventory, fixed rendering of non-ASCII characters and more. Email reports and syslog alerts updated with better sorting and more information (e.g port numbers for IDS alerts, Bit Torrent info hash etc). To avoid sending excessively large emails when similar alerts go beyond a certain limit within the email interval, only the extra total is shown, rather than repeating the detail of each alert in the body of the email.

Continued Development of MetaData Alerting Engine
LANGuardian includes a metadata alerting engine, allowing Administrators to create rules that operate on LANGuardian metadata keywords.
Alert on access to specific websites, files or folder names, source or destination IP address etc.
While we’re developing the engine we’ve provided a rudimentary GUI interface.