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Release notes 14.3.2 – 12th October 2017

LANGuardian 14.3.2 is a maintenance release for LANGuardian version 14.3.

See 14.3 release notes here.

The following issues have been resolved in version 14.3.2

NGR-1686: Improved performance of BitTorrent decoder.

NGR-1686: Fixed broken report_monitor table causing the report failure

NGR-1674: Updated AD integration help

NGR-1671: Added support for Berkley Packet Filter (BPF) for PCAP file reader sensor types.

NGR-1635: Appended onto domain

NGR-1046: Improved Application Identification for Google QUIC network protocol.

NGR-1674: Updated help and documentation for Identity Module Active Directory configuration

NGR-1661: Resolved IPs not showing in daily reports

NGR-1658: Fixed PDF export for reports with () in the name

NGR-1653: Fixed crash in hex-encoded BitTorrent hashes

NGR-1649: Fixed WMI queries when LG and DC are in different time zones

NGR-1612: Fixed Sdb perl API can hang if not all data is fetched

NGR-1601: Fixed software image ensuring the probe is always on the same version as Central Manager, hence there is no versions mismatch.

NGR-1644: Fixed bug to always ensure version sync between Central Manager and Probe.