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Release notes 14.2.1 – 6th March 2017

LANGuardian 14.2.1 is a maintenance release for LANGuardian version 14.2.
see 14.2 release notes here.

The following issues have been resolved in version 14.2.1

NGR-1238: Strings with \m can’t be added to custom event rule

NGR-1235: Problem with string fields in custom event rule

NGR-1232: Alert module won’t run if config file contains entry that ends in \”,

NGR-1227: SMTP hook called with wrong parameters

NGR-1226: SRC field doesn’t work with the new flow hook

NGR-1224: Alert rules with the source port field doesn’t work

NGR-1193: Update rule engine page with rule examples on this page

NGR-1192: Add IP and web access hooks to rule engine

NGR-1211: Sending report results as email; does not work for certain reports

NGR-1204: Don’t exit when domain parsing fails

NGR-1190: Traffic (sensor 1) trend drill-down link is broken