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LANGuardian 12.3.1 Release Notes

This is a maintenance release for LANGuardian 12.3, with some minor new features.

New Features:

– Report Top Proxy Clients has been added to the Internet Monitoring dashboard tab.
– Report Top Clients has been added to the Management Summary dashboard tab.
– A new help page for User reports has been added for labels Unknown and Not Classified with descriptions and troubleshooting links.

LANGuardian V12.3.1 contains the following bug fixes:

2968 – Top Users graph error with non-ascii characters
3246 – Improvement to Identity Module Auto-discovery mechanism for AD domain controllers
3262 –  Time shifts are not detected on probes
3268 – Database sorts substrings the wrong way
3250 – Field last_ip_address in table macinfo is updated to 0 for non-IP traffic
3266 –  Error when trying to run a report with a number in a text filter
3263 – Snort does not get the BPF filters for PCAP-file sensors
3259 – When creating a new IDS signature, if the sid part comes before the msg part, the rule is not
displayed in the list of rules
3042 – SNMP monitor is not enabled on probes
3257 – Cannot start Netflow sensor with certain IGORE_PORTSCAN lists
3255 – Sensor status error when link down
13264 – Non-ascii characters in email are not displayed correctly
3249 – Reports like “a + b” do not show up in search results
2804 – Snort is never run on PCAP-file sensors
3267 – sFlow sensor error