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LANGuardian 12.0.9

Release Notes – 01 May 2014

This 12.0.9 update adds a new report showing use of Internet Explorer on the network
This helps create an inventory of all Internet Explorer usage in response to the recently publicised remote code execution exploit attempts described in CVE-2014-1776.

The report is added under Reports -> Other -> Web Browsers:: Internet Explorer Versions


Monitoring Internet Explorer usage

  1. LANGuardian monitors all web activity and records the user agent strings declared by the browsers. The user agent strings are processed to identify all versions of Internet Explorer. Use this report to identify all client systems running Internet Explorer and ensure that all systems are correctly patched.
  2. The LANGuardian user agent detection is a chargeable module and not included in the base product. However if you have a current support contract please contact our support team and they will provide you with a license free of charge until Microsoft releases a fix for the issue.
  3. Some other applications (such as some instant messenger applications) may masquerade as Internet Explorer, by declaring a user string the looks like Internet Explorer. In this scenario, LANGuardian will report the applications as Internet Explorer.

Please monitor our blog for further updates.