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Game of Thrones, Dragons and Network Visibility?

Network VIsibility

There once existed vast unexplored areas of the oceans that in apocryphal sea charts were marked off and labeled ‘Here be Dragons’; meaning no-one knew what was there, but the suspicion was, it couldn’t be good.

This week there’s talk of dragons of a different hue – for Game of Thrones fans; as the 7th season premieres around the world, it promises to be the most action-packed season yet, with dragons, treachery, White Walkers and so on.  It also promises to be an action-packed time for networks and network managers, and treachery will play its part!

With the excitement of this premiere, many users may let their defences down as they try to download the latest episodes.  Links to downloadable episodes provides excellent bait for delivering Ransomware and other malware to unsuspecting users. Even without the threat of malware, we’ve seen time and again, how frequent media downloads can bring even the most stable networks to a stop when bandwidth provided for business operations is swallowed up.

Do you know what content your users are downloading and storing on fileshares, what sites your users are visiting, what copyrighted material is being downloaded and seeded by torrents through your firewall, what malware is being inadvertently downloaded and what it’s accessing on your network, do you know why that recently upgraded WAN link is at full capacity again? In other words, do you have blind spots? Or do you have continuous network visibility and the control it brings?

Visibility is a very common and maybe an overused term these days. However, it really is important to always have visibility into the various activities on your network, and also have drill down to rich detail and be able to understand and prove the root cause.

If you don’t know what happening on your network, you can’t secure it or manage it properly.

NetFort’s LANGuardian is downloadable software that’s quick to configure and quickly gives you visibility into what’s on and what’s happening on your network. Understand what users, applications, and devices are on your network and what they are doing.

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Or else you’ll continue to have network blind spots, the ‘Here be Dragons’ areas; not sure what’s there, but can’t shake that feeling that it can’t be good.