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Bandwidth Quota Manager – See Where Your Bandwidth is Going

The requirement to manage bandwidth effectively is becoming increasingly important as more and more applications move to the cloud. The Bandwidth Quota Monitor module extends the bandwidth monitoring capabilities of the LANGuardian core system by providing user quota and management features that enable you to assert more control over how your bandwidth is being used.

The core system provides out-of-the-box and custom reports that you can use for monitoring, troubleshooting, capacity planning, and many other tasks. Sometimes, particularly in networks where the demand for bandwidth exceeds availability, the network manager must be more proactive in managing and allocating bandwidth. The Bandwidth Quota Monitor module adds quota management and alerting capability to LANGuardian, enabling you to:

  • Define policy groups.
  • Define the group membership based on information stored in Windows Active Directory.
  • Apply daily and weekly download and upload quotas to each policy group.
  • Issue e-mail notifications to administrators and, optionally, the user concerned, when a specified percentage of the daily or weekly quota has been exceeded or is about to be exceeded.
  • Identify individual users who are consuming disproportionate amounts of bandwidth.
  • As threshold values are reached, trigger actions such as SNMP alerts, emails, and notifications to third party systems.

Bradford Campus Manager integration

While bandwidth management is a concern for every network manager because of the growth in online applications and cloud computing, it is a particular concern for managers of campus networks in schools, colleges and universities, for a number of reasons:

  • As well as being used for business purposes, campus networks are also used for leisure purposes by students who live on campus for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming, music downloading, and online gaming.
  • Campus networks often have huge numbers of users at a single location.
  • Corporate networks are more prescriptive about the software and hardware that is allowed on the network.

LANGuardian provides two-way integration with Bradford Campus Manager and other network access control (NAC) systems, automatically analyzing log files and returning information to the NAC system about bandwidth consumption by users on the network.

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