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Network Monitoring Survey Results

3 March 2014 NetFort News By: Darragh Delaney

Galway, Ireland – February 28, 2014 – NetFort Technologies, a leading developer of innovative software for monitoring activity on computer networks, today published the findings of its annual network monitoring survey. It was clear from the survey that the increased use of external Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based solutions, plus the consolidation of servers into fewer data centres, is driving demand for deeper insight into bandwidth consumption, especially on critical links. However, the number of applications in use on networks today and the increased use of Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) makes it very difficult to get a handle on network activity and application performance.

The complete report is available for download at

Key findings

NetFort surveyed a total of 138 network managers from small and medium size businesses (SMBs). Key findings from the report include the following:

  • 76% of respondents already use network monitoring tools
  • Most important feature not provided by existing tools:
    – Ability to break down traffic by application and user
  • Reports most often requested by management:
    – Information on bandwidth consumption
  • 71% of respondents think it is a necessity to associate network activity with usernames and not just IP addresses
  • 18% of respondents want more visibility into bandwidth consumption
  • 18% would like to monitor application performance
  • 12% would like more visibility into Internet activity and monitor activity by IP address and username
  • Nearly 27% of respondents would like a breakdown of traffic by application and user

“Most organizations already have some sort of monitoring tool that tells them when devices go offline, but senior management within these organizations want more information, specifically, what users or applications are causing the problem,” said Darragh Delaney, Director of Technical Services of at NetFort Technologies. “Obtaining a clear visibility into network activity across the network, not just at the edge, is critical for organisations today. SMB network managers want deeper insight and are looking for tools to monitor the whole network, but do not have the time to deploy agents or clients. Retrospective analysis is also seen as a key feature as it can take time for requests for information to come from senior management or third party sources.”

Cloud services, data center consolidation, mobility and SaaS are driving an increase in network activity and bandwidth demands in organisations of all sizes,” stated John Brosnan, CEO of NetFort Technologies. “Companies need clear and accurate information about what’s happening on their networks, but they are struggling to get it. On the one hand, network monitoring tools that run on standard hardware do not analyze network traffic in detail. On the other hand, tools that analyze packets in detail are overly complex and run on specialised hardware that is outside the budget of most SMBs.”

NetForts’s LANGuardian solution offers SMBs a unique value proposition of extremely detailed network traffic analysis at an affordable price. LANGuardian is the first and only deep packet inspection (DPI) software to provide SMB network managers with root cause information about network and user activity. It’s able to perform deep packet inspection on network traffic while running on a standard physical or virtual servers. As it grabs data off the wire there is no performance impact on already overloaded networks or servers. LANGuardian provides busy network engineers and system administrators with a single point of access to all the information they need about the devices, users and traffic on their network.

About NetFort

NetFort provides a range of software products to monitor activity on virtual and physical networks. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, NetFort was established in 2002 and has built up a global customer base in the enterprise, education, and government sectors.

The LANGuardian solution has been successfully implemented and proven to be an invaluable asset in many domestic and international private sector companies, government departments, educational institutions, and local councils. NetFort customers include Honda Canada, Seven Oaks School Division, United States Treasury, Washington Gas, Red Bull Formula 1, Panasonic, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, the Football Association, City National Bank, and Canada Life.

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