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NetFort End User Referral Program

28 May 2014 NetFort News By: Darragh Delaney
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End-User Referrals

Refer a friend or colleague to us and receive a $20 Amazon voucher!

Here at NetFort, we are keen to spread the word about the benefits of using LANGuardian to monitor network traffic and user activity. We realize that in the community of network management professionals, personal recommendations and word-of-mouth are important influences – which we are happy to reward.

If you are an existing LANGuardian user, we’ll reward you with a $20 Amazon voucher for every referral you make. If a referral turns into a sale, we’ll give you a $200 Amazon voucher.

Program details

  • The NetFort End-User Referral Program is open to licensed LANGuardian customers and users who refer a sales lead to the NetFort sales team.
  • To refer a sales lead, simply ask a friend or colleague to download and install the LANGuardian free trial from here. The lead must provide genuine details on the registration form.
  • We will contact the lead and ask where they heard about LANGuardian. If they tell us you referred them, we will send you a $20 Amazon voucher.
  • The NetFort sales team will acknowledge the referral and make contact with the person you refer.
  • If the referral concludes with a sale, we will send you a $200 Amazon voucher within two weeks of payment being received in full from the new customer.
  • NetFort reserves the right to amend or cancel the End-User Referral Program at any time without notice.
  • The End- User Referral Program is not available where prohibited by company policy or locally applicable laws.

Find out more

To find out more about this exciting new initiative, please contact us by email on