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What is LANGuardian?

LANGuardian from NetFort is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on network and user activity.

LANGuardian is a passive network traffic analyser; simply connect to a SPAN port, network TAP or port mirror.  There’s no need to ship expensive appliances, you can download the software and deploy it on your own hardware, VMware or Hyper-V.

LANGuardian lets you see what your network is really doing

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Find out what is happening on your network.

Integration with Active Directory and other directory services enables LANGuardian to report on the network activity of individual users and to generate traffic reports that incorporate usernames.

Features and Benefits

LANGuardian gives network administrators and managers Layer 7 visibility of their network with many ways to access information about activity, including:

  • Search by username, IP address or subnet, file name, or web address
  • Customizable dashboards that provide an overall view of network activity
  • A menu of built-in and custom reports with drilldown to minute levels of detail
  • User activity monitoring lets you see what is happening inside your network
  • Integration with third-party tools like SolarWinds and Splunk

Detail you only dreamed of:

Actionable information at your fingertips

LANGuardian solves network problems other tools can’t. Every NetFort customer finds unique ways to use it. Here are some real-world examples:

  • Finding out who deleted a file from a network share or who has accessed confidential data.
  • Troubleshooting a congested Internet link and drilling down to identify the IP address and username of a user who was streaming live TV to their PC.
  • Identifying the cause of a congested WAN link as a mis-configured Windows image that was downloading updates during working hours.
  • Get an immediate alert in the event of suspicious Windows file share activity and Ransomware\Cryptolocker attacks. Perform forensics to understand exactly what is happening.
  • Generating a report for senior IT management of the amount of bandwidth consumed by YouTube traffic for a given month.

Easy, comprehensive reports how you want them

View reports interactively in your web browser

  • Generate PDF reports for emailing or printing
  • Schedule reports to run at any time and send by email
  • Create alerts for when thresholds have been breached
  • Windows and Active Directory integration means you get reports containing real usernames, not IP addresses 

LANGuardian is also essential network troubleshooting software for networks of all sizes. Use wire data analytics to get to the root cause of problems quickly.

Take the next step to securing your network

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