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SMTP Email Monitoring Solution

LANGuardian SMTP Email Monitoring decodes, extracts, and stores the headers and attachment details of incoming and outgoing mail messages on your network.

Email-related problems such as spam, phishing, and loss of sensitive data are significant concerns for IT managers everywhere. LANGuardian Email Monitor helps you to tackle these problems by providing a database of email activity that you can search by sender, recipient, subject, date, and IP address. You can also configure alerts to be triggered when a message with a specific subject line is sent, or when a specific address sends or receives a message.

LANGuardian Email Monitor detects SMTP traffic flowing through your network, decodes the message headers using deep packet inspection, and stores them in the LANGuardian database. It does not decode of store the body of email messages. LANGuardian Email Monitor decodes, extracts, and stores the headers of incoming and outgoing mail messages.

SMTP Email Monitoring

Identify spam generators and avoid being blacklisted

Internet service providers are quick to blacklist addresses that they identify as generators of spam email. One user generating spam on a company network can be enough to cause the entire company network to be blacklisted. LANGuardian Email Monitor alerts you to spam messages leaving your network, so you can take action before any issues arise. The Email Monitor also enables you to measure effectiveness of spam filter rules already in place.

Identify users targeted with phishing emails

Phishing emails are often used to trick recipients into divulging sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and bank details. If one user in your organization receives a phishing email, you can use LANGuardian Email Monitor to quickly identify all other users who received a message from the same sender or with the same subject line.

Email Monitor reports and alerts help to protect sensitive corporate data

LANGuardian Email Monitor automates the monitoring process by scheduling email summary reports or generating them on an ad hoc basis. You can configure alerts to monitor email transactions with specific subject lines or senders. This allows you to control information turnover and protect your intellectual property as well as your corporate reputation.

Email audit trails for regulatory compliance and corporate policy enforcement

LANGuardian Email Monitor provides an audit trail of email communication for regulatory compliance audits. It enables IT and network managers to ensure that corporate email use policies for groups or individual users are adhered to.

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