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Network Security Monitoring Software

  • No expensive appliances – software download. Try before you buy.

  • Deploy on virtual or physical servers. Operating system included.

  • Connect to a SPAN or mirror port which means no agents required.

  • Built in Intrusion Detection (IDS) for real-time alerts and historical reporting.

  • See activity by MAC, IP address and associated user names.

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Computing Security Awards Finalist

NetFort LANGuardian is the industry’s leading deep packet inspection software for monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting on network activity. If you are interested in network security monitoring then LANGuardian is an ideal solution.

Metadata is extracted from network packets which results in readable interpretable data but with drill down to granular information which eliminates guesswork and is critical for forensics. This NetFort metadata also results in a massive data reduction which means this granular data can be easily retained for months for instant access when required. Common use cases include:

  • Tracking the source of Ransomware and Malware.
  • Inspect  inbound and outbound traffic from your network.
  • Find the source of SPAM and Phishing emails.
  • Track down individual users downloading large volumes of data from local file shares.
  • Report on mobile device activity by MAC address.

Active Directory integration allows you to see usernames as well as IP Addresses.

Before you consider an appliance-based forensics tool, get a quick overview on the LANGuardian here:

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LANGuardian lets you see what your network is really doing
Manager, Network Engineering. Washington Gas
Washington Gas LANGuardian Customer
“This product is amazing… I’m getting an insight into the network that I have never had before and seeing activity that I just did not know was going on” 
Simon Waldron, IT Manager,
Kanes Foods, Ltd.
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