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NetFort SPAN Port Configurator

The NetFort SPAN Port Configurator is a free Windows application that gives you an easy way to configure SPAN ports on Cisco switches quickly and remotely. Instead of accessing the switch console and using the command line, you can configure SPAN ports using a point-and-click interface. Learn more about using the tool here.

SPAN Port Configurator

Make the most out of your SPAN ports with NetFort LANGuardian

Did you know that SPAN ports are a rich source of user and application data? You can use them to:

LANGuardian passively captures the traffic from a SPAN port, analyzes it using deep packet inspection techniques, and stores the results in a database. A web-based user interface provides access to the traffic data in the database.

If you would like to see LANGuardian network monitoring software in action, please try our online demo system.