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SPAN Port Configurator Installation

The NetFort SPAN Port Configurator is a standalone Windows application. Extract the executable image from the zip file to a folder on your hard disk. Go to the folder and double-click the file NetFort-SPC.exe to launch the SPAN Port Configurator.

Using the SPAN Port Configurator

There are two steps in the configuration process:

  1. Select and log in to your switch.
  2. Configure and apply port settings.

Please note that when you apply settings to your switch using the NetFort SPAN Port Configurator, the changes are applied to the running configuration only. To apply the changes to the startup configuration, you must log on to the switch console and copy the running configuration to the startup configuration.

Cisco switches supported in this release

Fully supported

  • Catalyst 6500 series
  • Catalyst 4500 series
  • Catalyst 3700 series
  • Catalyst 3600 series

Limited support

  • Catalyst 3550 – Supports ingress and egress for ports; monitors only ingress for VLANs.
  • Catalyst 2850 – Supports port monitoring only; no support for monitoring VLANs.

Not supported

  • Cisco Nexus platform

Configuring login access to Cisco switches

The NetFort SPAN Port Configurator configures your switch by logging in to it via telnet. Therefore, usernames must be configured on your switch. If they are not already configured, please follow these steps to configure them:

  • Create the user database.Telnet to the switch and use the “username” command. The following example assigns privilege level 15 (administrator/superuser) access to user “admin”:

username admin priv 15 password cisco

  • To tell each line (telnet session) to use these new user logins, you must go to each line and perform the login local command. The following example shows how to configure it from configuration mode:

line vty 0 4 login local

Need help?

If you need help installing or using the NetFort SPAN Port Configurator, please ask a question in the NetFort discussion forum.

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