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Weir Arabian Metals Company (AMCO) is an engineering and general machining subsidiary of The Olayan Group. Located in the Dammam Second Industrial City, AMCO was formed in 1977 primarily to serve the oil field industry in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Today, AMCO is a joint venture between Olayan and Weir Group PLC, based in the UK, with over 125 years experience in rotating equipment and APS (Advance Parts Solutions).

We received the following feedback from Crisanto A. Pena who is an IT Administrator with the Weir Arabian Metals Company.


How did you hear about NetFort LANGuardian?

I was searching the internet for both File/Server auditor and Internet monitor, so to speak, and I found NetFort on a Google search and YouTube.

What issue/requirement has the LANGuardian addressed for you?

I was searching for a solution to monitor and audit our shared drives/user activity and I was also looking for a solution to monitor employee productivity and internet activities as demanded by management. Based on the samples and product description, I noticed it is the one we are looking for, like an all-in-one package

When I was scouring around Spiceworks, I got to a topic where one member pointed out LANGuardian and when I checked your site and viewed your products on YouTube, I think this is what we have been looking for so long. It’s like everything we need in one package.

What is you view of the LANGuardian evaluation process?

It is also one of the reasons I decided to go with NetFort. A 30 day full evaluation of the product. Perfect.

Did you evaluate any other products as part of the evaluation process if so can you share this information with NetFort?

No I haven’t. The video presentations of Darragh Delaney alone convinced me this is the solution I need.

Has the LANGuardian replaced any other product?

Yes. An obsolete File Auditor.

What is your reason for purchasing the LANGuardian?

The simplicity of the product. Like there’s no need to install agents on individual stations, just one machine on a SPAN port.

How would you describe the LANGuardian?

For me it’s like heaven sent. It’s like everything we need in one package.