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Cloud Based PCAP Analysis

  • Upload your PCAP files for fast analysis.

  • Management friendly reports and graphs.

  • Your own unique virtual instance for free!

  • Powered by Amazon AWS. No software required.

Cloud PCAP Analysis

PCAP analysis can be extremely useful when there isn’t dedicated hardware/software on the network for keeping track of what’s going on. Use our PCAP analysis service to diagnose the traffic on PCs that are having network issues at your workplace. It easily lays out Bandwidth used, Web sites visited, File Shares accessed, and top packet generators.

Our free service is very user-friendly and can be extremely useful when trying to pinpoint a network issue. It will be the only way you will diagnose PCAPs from now on as it can be a real pain trying to diagnose the issues yourself through Wireshark.

PCAP files can be captured using applications like Wireshark or Microsoft Network Monitor as well as been available as an export from devices like firewalls.

Pcaket Capture File Analysis