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Is The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Eating Your Bandwidth?

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft released a major update to Windows 10 on August 2nd, 2016. Code named Anniversary Update, it contains many new features and upgrades.

If you are responsible for the management of a computer network, you may want to watch out for excessive bandwidth use, as clients download this update. Our analysis has shown that a single client can download almost 3GB of updates as part of this release from Windows update.

How to check for Windows 10 Anniversary Update Traffic

You can quickly check for Windows 10 Anniversary Update traffic with LANGuardian.

  1. Using the NetFort search feature in LANGuardian, enter URI and select the report Top Websites and URI

2. Enter the text 14393.0.160715-1616 in the URI search field on the left hand side. This is a unique identifier for the anniversary update.

Top Clients

3. Drilling down on the total number of events will reveal what clients are downloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you have Active Directory integration enabled, you can also get the associated username.

While we do recommend that you keep your Windows clients updated with the latest updates, you may want to inform your users to refrain from forcing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update download during business hours.

LANGuardian uses network traffic as a data source. You can easily acquire network traffic through SPAN\Mirror ports or by using devices like network TAPs.  The video below explains how you can setup a SPAN port to focus on Internet activity.

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