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What have you used LANGuardian for recently?

17 August 2014 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
What have you used LANGuardian for

Each week I try to visit or call some NetFort customers, just to see how they are getting on with the LANGuardian, discuss recent use cases, our next release and their current priorities and projects. Always great to talk to customers, keeps us honest,  helps make sure we are on the right track, develops our messaging and provides great information for blogs like this!

I always ask the question; what have YOU used the LANGuardian for recently?

Increasingly these days the word forensics seems to pop up, it’s a word I always associated with digital forensics rather than network traffic analysis or deep packet inspection for example, usually complex and expensive systems not suitable for SMEs.

When I ask more questions in order to drill down and really understand what they mean by the word forensics, I discover a myriad of interesting use cases including:

  1. A user has complained that a key application is slow and the server team are blaming the network (BTW, 90% of the time it is the users!)
  2. I’m trying to understand where all my Internet bandwidth is gone
  3. I need to find out which machines on my network accessed a particular site which contains malware
  4. A file or folder has gone missing
  5. Our ISP has notified us that somebody in our network is sending out SPAM
  6. An employee is leaving on Friday and I need to report on recent usage, management are worried about data loss.

So what do NetFort Customers mean when they answer Forensics?

  1. I need information, data I can always access, data I can understand. Not low level bits and bytes
  2. I need a single reference point, a console to go to, so I can see the big picture and drill down to the detail?
  3. I do not have the time to access and collect data from multiple systems.
  4. I need access to historical information so I can take my time, go back, analyze my traffic.


I need visibility and insight, to be able to show that I understand what happened, to generate reports for management, proof, to be able to show that I’m in control.

I use the LANGuardian for FORENSICS!

John Brosnan