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Watch Over Your Network While Your Support Team is on Leave This Holiday Season

Empty office as support staff are on leave

Let LANGuardian watch over your network while your support team is on leave

While it may be holiday season for your support staff, your network never sleeps. Operational and security problems can show up at any time so you need to make sure you have eyes on your network 24/7. Reports from our customers and security focused news sites suggest that attacks from Ransomware have intensified in recent weeks.

One way to do this is to deploy network traffic and security monitoring tools which keep an audit trail of who is doing what on your network. If problems occur during the holiday period, when you return, you will have the historical data needed to ‘go back’, troubleshoot, have the detail to really understand what happened,  and remedy the issue before it gets out of control.

watch over network
capture network traffic from SPAN or mirror port

Our LANGuardian product is available as a 30 day trial download so if you install now as a physical or virtual server you will have monitoring in place over the holiday period. It captures network traffic via a SPAN\Mirror port or TAP, analyzes it using deep packet inspection techniques, and stores the results in a database.

A web-based user interface provides access to the traffic data in the database. As it works on network packet data, there is no client software to install, no interaction with the devices on the network, and no impact on network performance. See activity by MAC, IP address and associated user names.

Watch Over Your Network During The Holiday Period With LANGuardian

LANGuardian is the first and only deep packet inspection (DPI) software to provide network managers with root cause information about network and user activity.

  • Get visibility using traffic from a SPAN or mirror port, no agents required.
  • Monitor networks 24/7 so you have user and application data needed to investigate issues.
  • Drill down to granular information; usernames,  file names, web domains and URIs.
  • Ideal for network forensics, real time troubleshooting or identifying suspicious traffic.
  • Download and deploy on standard hardware, VMWARE or HyperV.