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20 May 2015 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
Usability testing

Usability is the number 1 priority

I had to travel to Dublin earlier this week and give a presentation to a conference in a university. To make the most of my time, I also took the opportunity to drop in and meet some customers, just to keep in touch. Lot of talk about the cloud, Microsoft Office 365, AWS, security, nothing new I guess.

When I asked ‘How are you getting on with the LANGuardian ?’ I heard great words like ‘watchdog’,  ‘gives us great visibility’ and of course, ‘usability’. ‘We get fantastic visibility but sometimes we have to work for it’. Honest feedback, we need to hear it, listen, learn and act.

Usability, usability, usability, does not matter if you have fantastic functionality, cool features, the fastest engine, graphics, etc, if users cannot get the information required easily and instantly, they just move on.

I’m an engineer, I love the cool technical features, would talk about them all day and used to, but the customer will always keep you honest.

We have a very interesting customer base, large Enterprises, universities, councils, local and central government all with different priorities and requirements.

I bet the most important one for ALL of them, probably the only one they have in common, is usability.

Vendors like us must keep reminding ourselves that usability is the number 1 priority, that OUR product is only one of many tools, projects and tasks for these people and their world does NOT revolve around LANGuardian. They are not thinking about it or any one product for that matter every single minute of the day!

Maybe usability is especially important for network security monitoring products because they do NOT have to use them every day and because of that, sometimes forget how to do things.

To be honest I guess for many organizations, especially the smaller ones, they are used only when they have to due to an incident, event or request for information.

But, when troubleshooting a security incident for example, they need the right information, right visibility and fast. It needs to be easy, these people have a lot going on.

John Brosnan
NetFort CEO