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NetFort on US West Coast – Week 1

6 May 2016 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
NetFort Road Trip

NetFort on US West Coast – Week 1

First week of a NetFort road trip around the US has ended and as per usual, it has been hectic. I spent Tuesday last in Brooklyn NY, Wednesday and Thursday in Portland Oregon with one of our technology partners APCON and arrived in San Francisco Friday.

Richard and his team in Portland made me feel very welcome, even going as far as putting the welcome sign out which does not happen too often -must send a copy to my Mum!  The APCON site in Portland not only has all the usual software teams including R&D, Quality, etc, but also all manufacturing is done in-house. It was very impressive to see IntellaStore IIs coming off the line with LANGuardian software pre-loaded!

It was also really interesting to spend time with their US based Sales team. These people are listening to prospects and customers every minute of every day. Meeting them face to face was fantastic; it certainly beats a Webex any day!

John Brosnan at APCON HQ

Network visibility, traffic analysis and security especially internally, appears to be a hot topic for medium to large organizations these days. Feedback and ideas from their software guys on the LANGuardian alone was well worth the trip. There are some great engineers at APCON.

NetFort on the road

Always having the right level of visibility for all the different use cases, security and operational is proving a real challenge!  It looks like some of the old traditional monitoring tools don’t really cut it any more? Too much going on, not enough people, too much big data?

Portland is a really nice city with great outdoor life; similar to Ireland but not as much rain. If you get the chance to visit, try the home brewed IPA in Kells pub; not as good as a Guinness in Freeneys, Galway but not bad!

Staying in a startup/entrepreneurs house in Palo Alto at the moment with 14 other people from all over the world; pretty different and not for the faint-hearted.

Stay posted, more in a few days!

John Brosnan
NetFort CEO