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Need to Know How to Exactly Check the Cause of Bandwidth Use

Find the Cause of Bandwidth Use

Customer Use Case – Check the Cause of Bandwidth Use

We had interesting use case from a customer in Singapore earlier today.

Today around noon there was traffic congestion on one Singapore site that has roughly around 25 users and an 8MB MPLS.

The business wanted to know what was the root cause. The main complaint was the video conferencing (an essential business requirement) was too slow, audio and video dropped so badly that neither party could hear each other.

For this investigation the LANGuardian search page was used, specifically the Network Forensics and Bandwidth Troubleshooting tab on LANGuardian, and spotted some huge zip and image files (some user in marketing), the most likely cause of congestion.

For the same network client there was spyware running that provided unusual behavior on the system that also may have provided some conflict on the traffic. The customer now plans to educate users to be more diligent on doing shared transfer of huge files during business hours.

Check the Cause of Bandwidth Use on YOUR Network

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View this short video which looks at how you can find bandwidth hogs