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Monitoring CDN activity on your network

16 July 2013 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
Content delivery network

Guide for monitoring CDN activity on your network

In my latest blog post on I take a look at the problems some network monitoring tools have when monitoring Content delivery networks (CDN) activity. CDN use has really taken off in recent years. Content creators who distribute media electronically (software, streaming video and music) are using CDN providers more and more to host their data. The big advantage of a CDN service is that the same source data is hosted at different locations around the world. More details in my blog post on the subject here…

NetFort LANGuardian has no problem dealing with this type of traffic as it uses a deep packet inspection engine to look at HTTP headers and DNS traffic. Download today and within minutes you can report on the actual services users are accessing on the Internet from your network.