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I want to know who is streaming Netflix onto my network?

who is streaming Netflix

Users accessing media sites like Netflix and YouTube can consume massive amounts of bandwidth. What’s needed are performance management solutions that can 1) detect and notify you about network performance degradation and spikes in bandwidth utilization, and 2) give you visibility into what applications are running on the network and what IP addresses and usernames are associated with them.

For most media sites it is easy to start monitoring activity associated with them. Just follow these steps:

  1. Ping the website in question. For example comes back as
  2. Go to the website and enter this IP address in the top right hand corner.
  3. You will find that this IP address is part of the range Google this range to see if Netflix have any other subnet ranges registered to them. YouTube for example will have many subnets associated with their services
  4. Log onto LANGuardian (or other network activity monitoring tool) and select Reports\Bandwidth\IP\Top Talkers from the reporting menu on the top.
  5. Enter as the subnet and this will reveal if you have any Netflix traffic on your network. Drill down on the totals to reveal the most active clients

No network activity monitoring in place?

Use LANGuardian and the power of wire data analytics to find out what users are doing on your network.

Download a trial version of LANGuardian and find out who is streaming Netflix on your network.

If you have proxy servers on your network you don’t need to lookup the IP ranges. Logon to LANGuardian and go to Reports\Web\More\Proxy Sessions By IP. Enter Netflix as the website and run the report.