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Finding bandwidth hogs on your network

Bandwidth Hog

Bandwidth hogs can cause all sorts of problems on your LAN and WAN. From users copying large volumes of data, to application issues associated with the downloading of software update files

The support team here at NetFort recently worked with a number of customers who wanted to report on the top users of bandwidth on their networks. In most cases, the focus was on WAN links where bandwidth is both limited and expensive. Using LANGuardian they could not only drill down to traffic volumes, but also get detail like what files were being copied or what web sites were being accessed

Here is a quote we got from a customer earlier today who used the LANGuardian to troubleshoot a bandwidth issue

We had a live issue today which LANGuardian helped us get to the bottom of using the new GUI.  It was very easy using the “Bandwidth – Search by IP” option. 

The answer was right there in front of us by combining  a few of the reports. So you have a big thumbs up from me for the new GUI!

Root out bandwidth hogs within one hour!

Use the power of deep packet inspection to find out where all your bandwidth is going. With LANGuardian you just need to setup a SPAN or mirror port, no need for agents or client software. Active Directory integration also allows you to see what users are responsible.