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Detecting Spotify traffic on your network

Spotify Traffic

This is an update to a blog article I wrote six months ago that described how to detect Spotify traffic on a network. Since then, Spotify has launched in the US where it has already notched up more than 1.5 million users and 250,000 subscribers to add to its millions of users in Europe. In parallel with this growth, we have seen a corresponding increase in questions and reports from our customers on the impact Spotify traffic is having on their networks.

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers streaming of selected music from major record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. It is now available in nine European countries and in the United States. Spotify provides free audio streams at 160 kb/sec and high-quality streams to subscribers at 320 kb/sec. This means that a single user listening to the free service for one hour would download over 70 MB of data, while a user listening to the premium service all day would download over 1 GB.

You can easily check for Spotify activity on your network with LANGuardian:

  • Click Bandwidth,, then click IP, and then Traffic distribution.
  • Filter the traffic distribution report to restrict the display to traffic from the Spotify network:In the subnet field, enter View.

traffic distribution report

Sample traffic distribution report

This will give you an instant report on Spotify activity over the previous 24 hours. You can also save this as a custom report that you can run at scheduled intervals, or create an alert so that you are notified if Spotify traffic exceeds a threshold that you specify.

If you are not already a LANGuardian user you can still try this on your own network by downloading the 30-day free trial version of the software.