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LANGuardian Customer Review: Addressing a Network Degradation Issue

11 July 2016 NetFort Blog By: Darragh Delaney
LANGuardian Customer Review

Addressing a Network Degradation Issue

LANGuardian Release 14, our flagship network traffic and security monitoring software, has been available for a few months now, and and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here is what one customer had to say recently….


LANGuardian Product and Pilot evaluation feedback from a UK based housing authority.

Q. How did you hear about NetFort | LANGuardian?

A. Previously used LANGuardian while working in a UK University.

Q. What issue/requirement has the LANGuardian addressed for you?

A. We had a network issue that first happened 2 weeks prior to an onsite visit last October. It was a severe degradation performance on the LAN, which our SNMP based network monitoring tool didn’t pick up.

Q. What is you view of the LANGuardian evaluation process? 

A. Quick and painless. Straight forward process and the team were very helpful.

 Q. Did you evaluate any other products as part of the evaluation process, if so can you share this information with NetFort? 

A. No

 Has the LANGuardian replaced any other product? 

A. No

 Q. What are you currently using the LANGuardian for?

A. Network monitoring, security investigation, web history.  We got hit twice in February with CryptoLocker, two individuals were hit which resulted in a de-commissioning of a network share and restoring from a backup.

 Q. What is your reason for purchasing the LANGuardian? 

A. To address a network degradation issue.

 Q. How would you describe the LANGuardian? 

A. Very useful. Increases visibility of network monitoring. Not much set up required, very easy to use.

Q. How do you research/source your IT Product and Service requirements?

A. Based on experience; look at what other users use.


To see LANGuardian in action, try our interactive demo here.