Education sector


LANGuardian helps network engineers to address the specific system administration and network mangaement challenges posed by campus networks.

There are several important differences between campus networks and corporate networks:

  • Campus networks usually have very large numbers of users at a single location.
  • The network tends to be used for leisure as well as network activities.
  • Users have more freedom than corporate users – for example, in terms of allowed hardware, software, and mobile devices.
  • Users are less aware of information security issues than users on corporate networks.
  • Attacks from within the network are more common than in corporate networks.

These network characteristics typically lead to network issues such as bottlenecks, performance issues, copyright infringement, virus proliferation, and intrusions. LANGuardian gives the campus network engineer a single point of access to all the information that is needed identify and resolve these problems.

LANGuardian is widely used by customers in the education sector, including:

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Catholic University of America
  • Durham University
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Heriot Watt University
  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • London School of Economics
  • Northumbria University
  • Seven Oaks School Division
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Ulster

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If you have any questions about how LANGuardian can help you with your network monitoring requirements, please contact us. If you would like to see LANGuardian in action, please try our online demo system or download a free 30-day trial to try it on your own network with your own data.